It all starts with seeing –
the consciously perceiving of all the things that surround us.
The world is not only rich in miracles large and small, but also filled with moods, feelings and interactions.
Most of them are barely noticeable and transient.
With my photography I want to discover, capture and preserve them.

Photography is the art of observation.
But it is even much more than that!
It is not just conscious seeing, but above all it’s feeling!
Only if I feel what I see, others are able to feel anything when they look at my pictures.
I don’t just want to depict, I want to capture the essence of what I photograph.

In addition there’s something else, much more comprehensive –
the feeling of our innermost with all of our desires, dreams and ideas, but also with our fears, doubts and worries.
Through photography I want to express myself and let my ideas, thoughts and feelings create art.

For me this is the essence of photography, the basis of my work and the reason why I’m so passionate about it – already all my life!

If you take the time to look at my pictures you will learn more about me than I’m able to describe in words!

I was born and grew up in Munich in Upper Bavaria. I also attended the university there and studied teaching and school psychology.
Now I live with my family in a small town in the Alpine foothills.
The passion for photography has been with me all my life. I have never limited myself to a specific genre of photography, but always enjoyed to try new things and to get creative in different areas.
I love traveling to foreign countries, getting to know their landscapes and cultures and capturing them in my pictures, but I’m also firmly rooted in my Bavarian homeland.
It is particularly important to me to portray people in all their uniqueness and diversity, to show their personality with all its facets, but also to document interpersonal relationships. It is wonderful to capture and save emotions and unique moments and to tell stories about life to share them with you.
I hope you enjoy them!